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Hey there! I’m Stacey and I am from the small Caribbean island of Barbados. I am a super laidback person, you’ll find me in a t-shirt, jean shorts and slippers most days. On the days that I’m not, I’m probably in a bikini getting ready to hit the beach!

I am passionate about animals and volunteer at one of the animal shelters here. One of my favorite things to do after walking the dogs is to go in their kennels and give them some extra love. I also have 5 of the cutest little beagle monsters. They are the naughtiest dogs we have ever had, but they definitely steal your heart!

I absolutely love red wine and pizza, pepperoni and bacon please! I have actually been a personal trainer for the last 8 years, focusing on one on one training sessions and offering meal plans.

I am also passionate about travel, and I share this on my travel blog, WanderingBajans which I run with my boyfriend. When I started the blog, I didn’t realise how diffcult and technical it would be. My days ended up being spent on Instagram searching for hashtags, finding the ideal time to post. I thought that I’ll post on instagram to drive traffic to the blog, boy was I so wrong! I had to learn how to be a web designer, a social media manager, a photographer, editor, graphic artist and my own damn cheerleader, especially when no one thought it would pay off financially. Fast forward about a year and a half, many courses and google searches later I am now bringing in half of my traffic through pinterest and half through organic searches. While the blog is still quite small, I am really proud of the success we have had so far which including a press trip with Sandals after they found us on Pinterest!

My passion for my blog has lead me to create my own social media management and web design business so that I can help all of those who are feeling a little (cue A LOT!) overwhelmed. Like I said, I didn’t know I would be required to wear so many hats, I thought all I would need to do is write and post to social media and I’d be huge! I just want to take some of those hats off your head so you don’t need to stress about things like algorithms for social media channels and learning code for your website! You should be able to focus on your business and doing what you love best, not struggling to find out how to use facebook or instagram.

Take a deep breath girl, I’m here for you!

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